"The safest and most economical peptide source.” PepSoyGen is a high quality peptide product from soya produced by Small Molecular Weight Peptide Technology (SMPT) which produces small chain of amino acids that increases the protein digestibility similar to animal source. It reduces feed cost by partially or completely replacing animal protein.


“Know more what you can do to your birds” Fermkito is a natural fermented product that contains chitin, chitosan oligosaccharide. It is processed by microbial fermentation with Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis. It contains natural anti-microbial properties, immune enhancing and toxin binding effect, which results to improved production performance.


“Nutrition made simple” EasyMix is a unique range of premium swine and poultry basemix lines designed to improve animal performance. EasyMix was developed using the safest and highest quality ingredients and advanced technological methods in feed design and production. EasyMix is not just a product of feed formulation in the office or production in the plant; it is a solution that was developed in the farm. Trials are continuously being conducted in the farm to ensure that EasyMix is developed and improved from the perspective of the animal.

Boar PowerMax

“Add power to your boar” Boar PowerMax is a potent supplementary diet in cookie form, especially designed to improve boar productivity. It helps to add more libido and stamina, improves sperm quality, increases semen production, prolongs economic life, relieves stress and maintains body condition. It is fortified with L-carnitine, organic minerals and functional fatty acids and natural antioxidants.


“Ultimate Peptide Combination for Young Animals” UltraPro+ is a perfect peptide source for young animal diets. It is a balance of wellproven animal peptides, fermented soya, metabolites and patented strains of viable beneficial microbes. UltraPro+ is abundant in low molecular weight peptides for increased nutrient bioavailability. Viable microbes remain in UltraPro+ providing a valuable source of direct-fed microbials and metabolites and can replace traditional protein sources in the diets of young animals to significantly improve growth performance.


“The Superior Phytase” Phytamax provides maximum phosphorus efficiency by increasing the bioavailability of dietary phosphorus, increasing the utilization of dietary minerals, energy and amino acid, thereby decreasing the feed cost by reducing the usage of inorganic phosphate source, and reducing excreted phosphorus to as much as 30%


“Absorption Accelerator” Lipidol is an absorption accelerator that acts as membrane fluidity modulator due to the unique conical structure of its lysophospholipid, beneficially altering the permeability of the gut cell membrane. It is also a bio-surfactant allowing the formation of smaller micelle or liposomes filled with useful substrates and nutrients. Smaller vesicles allow easier fusion with the GIT membrane. Moreover, it is an emulsifier allowing the formation of smaller fat droplets with the bile salts, allowing greater surface area for the action of lipase.


"Controls naturally” Cleo contains an optimal combination of Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp. and Saccharomyces spp, which controls proliferation of pathogens in GIT through competitive exclusion, high level of bacteriocins which kills harmful bacteria. It also contains microorganisms which controls offensive odor by feeding on ammonia, amines and other odor-causing organic materials. It is produced from 100% natural fruits and vegetables through a unique fermentation line.


“The Efficient Hygienic Solution” Staldren absorbs damp and moisture and reduces the level of infection in animal houses. Staldren also disinfects and cleans the farm building environment to ensure healthier animals.

Piggy Power

“The next best thing to sow’s milk” Piggy Power is a highly nutritional sow milk replacer for piglets which is composed of highly digestible and balanced nutrients similar to sow’s milk. It is made from specially selected soluble and palatable ingredients with more than 60% coming from best quality milk-based product from Bonilait Proteines in France. It contains various functional ingredients such as organic acid, nucleotides, organic trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and probiotics which reduces weaning lag and it is fortified with natural ingredients that reduces scouring incidence.

Bio Chrome

“The safer way to lean meat… The better way to increased litter size” Bio Chrome is a chelated organic chromium tripicolinate developed by Easy Bio to enhance meat quality of fatteners and improve reproductive performance of sows. Being organic, it is safe, environment friendly and highly bioavailable


“Boost the value of feeds….. Achieve the higher profit” Endonase Plus digests more substrates and releases more nutrients. It induces wider spectrum of activity for both cell wall NSPs and non-cell NSPs, thus can digest more substrates. Endonase Plus triggers activities for xylans, -glucans, -galactosides that are located in the cell wall. Thereafter, cell wall degradation enables Endonase Plus to degrade mannans and galactomannans located primarily within the plant cell, enabling Endonase Plus to release more energy and nutrients.