Red Cock

Red Cock is a chicken feed that brings the best quality on your free range chicken. From booster to finisher, you can be confident in its product performance. Our breeder layer can give a high percentage of fertility and hatchability on laying chicken.

iFeed Hog Gestating and Lactating

- Formulated to support the nutritional needs of breeder pigs during their most stressful period. iFeed breeder diets are fortified with anti-stress factor to relieve pigs from breeder fatigue and to help them maintain proper body condition. iFeed Hog Gestating diet provides complete nutrition for pregnant pigs to increase their fertility resulting to larger litter size and healthier piglets. iFeed Hog Lactating diet supports sufficient milk production, and prevents the incidence of thin sow syndrome (TSS). It also shortens the weaning to estrus interval so sows return to heat faster. With iFeed Hog Gestating and Lactating, sows will be stress free and piglets are healthy.

iFeed Piggy 200 and Piggy 300

iFeed piglet diets are made from highly digestible and palatable raw materials. iFeed Piggy 200 and Piggy 300, hog booster and hog pre-starter, contains immunoshield which serves as protection from diarrhea-causing bacteria in the gut. They also contain actipig formula which is a special blend of multi-enzymes, organic acids, electrolytes, and vitamins and minerals to help maintain piglet vigor. iFeed piglet diets also have appetite boosting aroma called “milky-sustansya” and “sweety-sarap” to promote increased feed intake for rapid growth and development. iFeed Piggy 200 and Piggy 300 ensure proper nutrition for a strong foundation of growing pigs

iFeed Hog Starter, Grower and Finisher

Complete line of diets to support superior growth and lean muscle development of pigs. iFeed fattener diets are formulated with digestiboost technology which efficiently breaks down feed ingredients to increase more available nutrients for the pigs and help reduce foul odor of feces. They also contain NAA (nutrient absorption accelerator) for faster absorption of available nutrients. More available and absorbable nutrients in the diets promote faster growth and development. iFeed Hog Grower and Finisher also contains organic meat enhancer for safe and high quality meat. With iFeed Hog Starter, Grower, and Finisher, pigs grow faster, meat is leaner, and foul smell is lesser.

Broiler Diets- Chicky 100, Chicky 200, Chicky 300

- Provides complete nutrition to support the fast growth of broiler chickens from chick to finisher stage. Formulated using only high quality raw materials to provide sufficient nutrients and well balanced amino acid ratio for good muscle development. iFeed Broiler diets are also packed with vitamins and minerals plus other special ingredients to help maintain an excellent health status of the flock. ifeed Chicky 100, 200, and 300, minimizes the incidence of wet droppings and promotes better growth, weight gain, immunity and flock uniformity.

iFeed Chicken Layer 1 and Chicken Layer 2

- High quality layer feeds in crumble form specially designed to achieve optimum productivity of laying hens. Made from high quality raw materials and fortified with multi-enzyme technology for better feed digestibility and improved performance. They contain fat absorption accelerator for better carotene absorption to improve yolk color. It also helps in better absorption of fat soluble vitamins (ADEK) to support the hen’s metabolic activity, high laying performance, stress resistance, and adequate skeletal development. They are formulated with optimum amount of Calcium and phosphorus for better egg shell quality and with balanced amino acid ratio for bigger egg size.

Quail Layer

- Made from highly digestible raw materials. With multi-enzyme for release of more available nutrients from the feeds. It is formulated to support high egg production and to help maintain good body conformation of laying quails. It has also optimum level of calcium and phosphorus for better egg shell quality.

Duck Layer

- Contains adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support high productivity of laying ducks. It is also formulated with balanced level of calcium and phosphorus for better egg shell quality. With added special ingredient which reduces cracked egg rates, improves nutrient absorption and yolk color and promote good health status of the flock.